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Cap Reformers proudly serves the needs of the industry. Based in Pennsylvania, we specialize in capacitor reforming for clients throughout the United States. Our capacitor reformers are able to reform banks and drives of all sizes and house powers. Request a quote from us today to safely place your capacitor banks back into service. We offer both onsite and mail-in service for your needs.

About Us

Our veteran-owned business believes that quality is not achievable without safety, and takes pride in being flexible enough to work with almost any customer’s needs, while keeping both personnel and equipment safe.

Capacitor FAQs

Confused about how your capacitor services are performed? Request more information today on this essential task for your variable frequency drives.

How We Do It

The practice of capacitor reforming is complex and detailed. Speak with us to discover how we perform this important service at your location.

Essential Service from a Capacitor Technician

Electrical Panel Showing Capacitors

A capacitor is a component that stores electricity much like a battery. One huge difference between the two is that batteries use a chemical process to create electricity when a demand is called for, and a capacitor simply holds a large number of electrons that are released when it is needed.

Due to the nature of these pieces, capacitors must be reformed if the converter has not been used for more than a year. However, if the capacitor reforming is not done properly, you have the potential of overloading your system. Overloaded systems can incur severe damage, and are even at risk of exploding when they are operated. To avoid these major issues from occurring, it is important to turn to a trained technician for your capacitor testing services.

When you rely on us for reforming electrolytic capacitors, you can trust that your job is in the hands of an experienced professional. Our owner started working with equipment at the age of 18. After more than 10 years of servicing the industry and seeing the safety hazards in place, he decided to make safety a priority. Today, our goal is to reduce the amount of DC bus failures. We believe preventative maintenance is a key component to preventing electrical failures before they can become catastrophic.